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At Slattery Drilling we specialize in Piling, Deep Foundations and S.O.E Solutions 

We have the expertise and equipment to create the best solution to suit your project.

Our variety of rigs and equipment offer General Contractors, Developers and Investors a multitude of solutions including Augercast piles (CFA), Drilled Caissons, Drilled Micropiles, Driven Piles, Secant Walls, Sheet Piling, Soil Mixing, Soldier Piles, Tiebacks, and Timber Piling. 

We only offer the highest quality in everything we do, including meeting aggressive deadlines to help get every project off on a strong footing.



Support of Excavation

Deep Foundations

At Slattery Drilling we have a piling solution to suit all of our clients needs. We offer augercast piles (CFA), drilled micropiles, drilled caissons and driven piles (round casings, H beams, precast concrete, or timber piles) to name a few. The choice of pile varies based on soil conditions, project location and design load requirements.

 Support of excavation (S.O.E) can be achieved through a variety or combination of methods.  Retaining walls can be made of Secant piles, Soldier piles, Sheet piles or Tangent piles and can all be reinforced with anchors (tiebacks). The choice of retaining wall depends on soil conditions, neighboring properties and the water table. Bracing systems can be installed to further reinforce retaining walls.

Alongside Piling and S.O.E, Slattery Drilling takes on even the most difficult foundations. This includes all excavation, rock breaking, and concrete work

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